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The founding of Winthrop, MA happened in 1630, and it was named for John Winthrop. It’s one of the United States’ oldest communities. With above average schools, this town over under 19,000 people is a great community.

If you have a house that is located in Winthrop, MA that you want to sell, rather than selling it through a realtor, why not consider selling your Winthrop, MA house for cash? We look at some differences between these kinds of sales below.

Cash Sale

Agent Sale


You can sell a house in any condition

When you sell through an agent, they are usually very picky about what kind of condition the house is in before they will take it. Even if you find someone who’s going to buy it, then they will request money off.


No fees you have to pay

There are a lot of fees associated with a sale through an agent. They get a commission, there are closing costs, and there are a lot of hidden fees that you don’t know about until it’s too late.


Closing happens fast

Closing can take a long time to happen, from weeks to months to even longer.  


No financing

The buyer has to get financing, which means that this can fall through so that you have to start everything all over again.

Open Houses

There aren’t any with cash sales

Your agent will want to do multiple open houses. People come into your house while you are away and look at your house to see if they want to buy it.


Don’t have to clean it up.

You usually have to do a lot of heavy cleaning which can be hard when you are moving. You might also have to do painting and landscaping to give your home a better curb appeal.


Your life goes on as normal.

Your life is going to be disrupted. You have to leave the house during open houses and your house has to be staged, so you may not even be able to stay in it.


No staging required

People want to be able to see your house with a neutral look, so you have to stage your house to get the best possible results, and this can be quite expensive.

Do you think that selling the house for cash is a good idea? Below are some of the most common situations that we see clients selling their home for cash.

  • Health issues
  • Debt problems
  • Medical bills
  • Not safe in the house anymore
  • They are retiring
  • They’re divorcing
  • They need a smaller house
  • They need a bigger house
  • They inherited the house
  • There are a lot of repairs that are needed
  • They need money fast

If you are interested in knowing more or finding a cash buyer for your Winthrop, MA home, contact us today. We are happy to talk to you and tell you what we can do for you. With us, you get:

  • A fast closing
  • No commissions
  • No fees
  • No necessary repairs.

Send us a message today and we can tell you how much we will give you for your West Roxbury, MA house

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