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Randolph, Massachusetts

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We Buy Houses in Randolph, MA

Randolph, MA is a wonderful town in MA with a rich history in boot manufacture. In the year 1850, Randolph, MA had become among the leading producers of boots in the nation. Boots were shipped as far as Australia and California. However, when 1900 came, the shoe industry’s decline saw the evolution of Randolph into a residential community.

If you have a Randolph, MA home that you want to sell, you might think about selling it with a realtor. However, selling it for cash has a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. We buy Randolph, MA homes for cash, and here are some of the benefits of selling your home to us.

Vacant Homes Sell Easily

Anytime you are selling a house, a lot of times they are going to suggest tha you stage the house. You’re going to remove everything from the house and then use rental furnishings. But what if you’re not interested in spending money on a professional staging because your house is empty?

The good news about a cash sale is that you don’t have to do any staging. That means that it’s really easy to sell a house that’s vacant.

Financing Isn’t a Concern

When selling a house something that a homeowner has to worry about is finding the perfect buyer and then having the financing fall through so that they have to start all over again.

However, when you sell for cash, there isn’t any financing. So you don’t have to worry about the sale falling through due to not having financing.

It’s Very Flexible

Anyone who has sold a house is going to tell you that it’s hard because you don’t feel as if your life is your own. You are not on your schedule – you’re on everyone else’s schedule. And people are going to want you to change this, paint that, repair this, repair that.

But that’s not the case with a cash sale. With cash sales, you are selling your house as it is right now.

You are in Charge

You have to be patient when you are selling with an agent. Although you’re ready to sell and you want to get it done, it’s going to be the choice of the buyer when your sale’s finished. It can be very frustrating playing this waiting game.

When you sell your house for cash, you can approach your buyer in advance and set a specific date. You could even ask them to close in 2-3 weeks. This means that you are in charge and you’re

Repairs Aren’t Needed

When you have a cash sale, you don’t have to worry about making repairs to the house. No roof inspections for checking for pest infestations or leaks. This is opposite from selling the house a traditional way, because then you have to make the repairs, or the buyer wants you to take money off because repairs are needed.

When repairs are needed in a typical sale:

  • You have to do the repairs on your own or hire someone to do the repairs
  • Wait how long it takes for repairs to be done
  • Get another inspection when the job’s complete
  • Make sure the repair’s done to standards before sale goes through

So you save a lot of time and money by selling your house for cash because you don’t have to worry about repairs.

Interested in knowing more about us buying your Randolph, MA home for cash? Why not send us a message? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a fair cash offer.

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