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One of the most notable things about Hyde-Park is the George Wright Golf Course, named for George Wright, a shortstop and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Designed by Donald Ross, this course is thought to be one of Ross’s designs.

If you are looking to sell your Hyde-Park house, then you want to consider selling it for cash rather than going through an agent. Below are some of the benefits of selling your house for cash.

The Closing is Quick

From the beginning to the end, it takes a lot less time for cash offers to become final. Because there aren’t any mortgage lenders involved, it’s much quicker. No underwriting is involved, which can take 1-2 months by itself.

Lower Risk

When you’re selling a home, there might be a few offers. But these offers often don’t work out. This leaves you with the house much longer than intended which costs you money.

But when you sell for cash, it’s guaranteed money. The offer may be lower, but the chances of complications from outside parties are greatly reduced, meaning you’re completing the sale with much less expense and more quickly.

You Don’t Need an Appraisal

When you sell your home in the traditional way, it involves a mortgage lender. This means someone has to officially appraise the home and figure out the value. If that lender decides they aren’t willing to provide financing due to the appraisal, 2) this will considerably set you back

Cash sales remove this from your sale. When there isn’t a mortgage lender, it means an appraisal isn’t requirement.

No Need for Repairs

When you’re selling your home, many times you will need to have it inspected. These inspections often bring up different and possibly expensive repairs.

But when you are selling for cash, it’s ‘as is’. This means that the buyer’s purchasing your home without making any changes or repairs. You also don’t have to clean or stage the house.

A Neat, Quick Solution for Messy Problems

There’s a few reasons why you might want to sell the house fast. For instance, it’s possible you’re splitting equity because you’re getting divorced. It’s also possible that you want to avoid a foreclosure on your credit. You also may also be relocating due to work.

No Tedious Paperwork & Negotiations

Think back to when you purchased the house. Chances are that there was a lot of negotiations with your seller through your realtor about the repairs that you want made, who is going to pay what and other things.

When you have a cash sale, you are able to skip the process. If you’re selling a house ‘as is’, there’s no repairs that need to be worked out.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons why you want to sell your Hyde-Park house for cash. You are going to save a lot of trouble and get money in your hand more quickly.

We buy houses in Hyde-Park for cash, so contact us today for a quote!



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