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Why Spend Money on Agent Fees and any Associated Costs?

Selling your house through a real estate agent isn’t for everyone. If you want to sell your house fast, you can do that without hiring an agent. Home investment real estate companies, such as Sell Fast Boston, can help you save thousands on commissions that would have been added fees to the sale of your home. This is money that should stay in your pocket, as well as the below investments. 

More Added Costs

If you hired an agent, they may suggest that you clean up and spend some money on property maintenance. This would help assist them in the sale and marketing of your home. These costs can add up quickly. It could be a fresh coat of paint in several rooms, landscaping for curb side appeal, or finishing a project that was not completed. Whatever it is that needs to be done, you won’t need to clean up or repair anything if you sell your home fast for cash. 

Time Saved

Don’t forget that there is also time involved when hiring an agent. You do not want to spend many hours finding an agent, to then realize they are not the right person for the sale of your home. These countless hours add up, and take time away from your own paid hours, coordinating calls, scheduling visits, and taking time off to do so. If the agent doesn’t work out, then more time is involved to finding one you trust. Not to mention all the time it takes from all the paperwork that is needed to complete the process and finalize the sale transaction. This can all be avoided if you decide not to hire an agent and want to sell your house quickly to a home investment real estate company.

No Contracts and Fees

Another good reason to skip the agent and their fees is there is no binding contract. As noted above, if you end up realizing your agent is not the best person for the job, you wouldn’t have to deal with breaking the contract or any fees associated with doing so. 

If not hiring an agent sounds like it works for you, contact Sell Fast Boston. You do not have to worry about financing, since we offer cash for homes in Boston and the surrounding areas. We will give you a fair- all cash offer and we can walk you through the procedure. There is no need to do any maintenance, or seasonal updates for us. We will buy houses in any condition if they meet our own criteria. You will save time with us, as it takes only a few minutes to discuss, and less than one week to close. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding selling your home during this time. 

Reach out to us today at (857) 930-4091 or You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Please note: Sell Fast Boston does not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice and the information in this article is written as a general overview and should not be construed as such advice.
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