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Have a Failing Septic Tank? We Purchase Houses No Matter What!

Septic problems are one of the biggest and most unpleasant problems that a homeowner can have. Many times, it’s hard to sell a house with septic problems because people know how bad it can get. But we purchase houses with septic problems. Below are seven of the most common septic problems that we see when we purchase houses.

We Purchase Houses with Gurgling Pipes Due to Septic Problems

This is going to happen when you’re running water in your house or you’re flushing your toilet. It may be that you’ve got debris stuck somewhere. If your septic tank’s becoming full, you’ll need to have it pumped. Therefore, it’s time to call in a plumber so they can drain the extra water.

We Purchase Houses with Bad Odors Due to Septic Problems

This is never going to be pleasant. What you’re smelling is septic gas. First, you want to check the toilet. Check its seals where it’s connecting with your bathroom floor. It’s possible you have a dried wax seal so that it’s not airtight anymore. Your floor drain also might have a tap that’s dry.

Check all of the exposed fixtures. If you don’t find anything there, use smoke to find your leak. Go outside, then stand by your septic tank. See if you smell something stronger there. If it’s worse there, it’s possible the raw sewage has gotten into your tank. If this is the case, you want to call your plumber immediately, because you have a huge problem.

We Purchase Houses with Water Backing Up Due to Septic Problems

Do you notice that water that leaves the washing machine’s going back in? it’s possible the reverse flow’s bringing sewage in your house. Why’s that happening? Because the effluent’s not going into your soil and getting absorbed. When this happens, it’s going to go back to its source.

This might be your first indication that your drain field is failing. There could be pipes that need to be replaced or your pipes might be clogged and need clearing.

We Purchase Houses with Visible Puddles of Water Due to Septic Problems

Look out at your yard. Are you noticing water puddling on your grass? If there’s been a lot of rain lately in your area, it’s possible that your septic tank’s not coping. This also can happen if you’re overloading your system by using a lot of water at once. Allow your tank a bit of time to drain fully. Don’t take a shower or use your washing machine, because this could add to your problem.

If it’s just damp above your tank, you might have a leak. If it’s a more widespread issue, you could have problems in another place in your system. It’s also possible that you need to improve your drainage conditions. this means that you need to call someone who’s experienced with septic systems.

We Purchase Houses with Green Grass Due to Septic Problems

Even though this is something that might look nice, it also could indicate that you have a problem. That grass above your septic tank might normally be parched and dry. This would make sense since the soil’s shallower than the area around it. But if it’s lusher, this means that there’s a lot of water and nutrients are getting released into your drain field.

Your wastewater is acting as your grass’s fertilizer, which causes it to grow green and tall. Even though this looks great, it might cause health issues. This is something that warrants a call to your plumber.

We Purchase Houses with Slow Drainage Due to Septic Problems

It’s possible that the water in the sink in your bathroom is slow leaving. Check your other sinks and drains to see if it’s one spot or all of the drains. If it’s just in one spot, it’s possible that your drain is clogged.

If it’s all over your house, it’s time for you to call your plumber. If you leave it go too long, you may have a total failure of the septic tank on your hands, and everywhere else. Your tank will just switch off.

We Purchase Houses with Blocked Pipes Due to Septic Problems

If something’s not biodegradable, you shouldn’t flush it down your toilet. These are things such as paper towels, diapers, unflushable wipes, and tampons. If you aren’t careful, you might clog your pipes and create a blockage.

Pipes for waste disposal aren’t very resilient. You should make sure that you’re careful about what you put down them, since it can cause a lot of clogs and other problems as well.

Drain snakes are one way that you can clear a blocked pipe. A lot of people use a commercial drain cleaner as well. even though these provide quick and simple solutions, they also can cause issues. Those harsh chemicals can cause damage to the pipes as time goes by.

Your septic tank also will rely on bacteria and enzymes for breaking down the sewage, and a lot of drain cleaners kill them. It’s much better to go for a product that is all-natural. This is also going to contain enzymes and bacteria. This is going to help with cleaning your tank and helping it be safe.

You also should have the septic system examined once per year and make sure it’s pumped every 3-4 years. If there is any rust, cracks, or damage, the plumber will find it. Provided it’s maintained adequately, it can last as long as 30 years.

Here are some other things that you never want to put down your drain or toilet:

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton rounds
  • Hair
  • Pads
  • Condoms
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels

If you have a house with septic problems and you simply don’t want to fix the problems or don’t have the time or money to do it, contact us. We purchase houses with all kinds of problems, including septic problems, and we are glad to give you a fair cash quote. Simply send us a message through chat and we’ll show you what we can do for you.

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