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We Buy Houses with Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner. If you have had storm damage and you want to sell your house, you are going to find it hard to sell it the regular way without doing a lot of repairs. That’s why we buy house with damage from storms, to help homeowners who have had this happen to them. Want to know more? Let’s look at the types of storm damage that we buy houses with.

We Buy Houses with Damage from Winter Storms

During the winter, storms ravage a lot of New England. These types of storms can bring anything from snow to ice storms to freezing rain. When you have to deal with blizzards, snow squalls, and other kinds of winter problems, your home could see damage like structural and roof damage from the heavy snow along with damage to exterior pipes, siding, and fascia. These types of wintery storms often also include high winds, and these can exacerbate the damage by causing the shingles to come loose.

Freezing weather and winter storms also can cause high dams. These trap the water between an ice layer and your roof. These are hard to see. but you want to know that they are there because they’ll often cause leaks, which then lead to structural damage and mold.

Once the storm has passed, you shouldn’t go onto your roof or in your attic. It may not be safe. You’re going to need a contractor who is familiar with home restoration experience to check for leakage signs in your attic, missing shingles and fascia, detached or bent exhaust pipes, and damage to those edges and valleys where the roof meets your walls.

When the ice storms come, it’s prudent to be more cautious. These kinds of storms will leave 1/2 “ of ice on the surfaces. They can lead to your roof collapsing, trees breaking and the powerlines snapping. It’s not safe to go out during an ice storm and you want to make sure that you have emergency water, power sources, supplies, and food.

If you have had a bad winter storm and you have damage to your house, you have enough on your mind. Why not contact us for a fair cash quote? We are always willing to buy a house in any condition.

We Buy Houses with Damage from Hail

If you were living in the Boston area back in 2015, chances are that you remember the huge 2” pieces of hail that fell from the sky in August of that year. Although we don’t often get hail that big, since that was the biggest in 65 years, it just goes to prove that nothing is for certain.  You never know when you might have a record-breaking hail storm fall down on you.

The damage from hail can’t always be seen. When you can see it, you look for shingles that are dented randomly, cracked shingles, and roof pipes and vents that are bent. You also can have damage to your siding. The invisible damage happens when those substrate materials under your shingles get damaged. If you believe that you have damage from hail, it’s a good idea to consult an expert. This type of damage can cause severe roof leaks which may spread, causing problems in your structure.

Do you have damage from hail? If you do, and you can’t fix it yourself, why not contact us? We buy houses in any condition, even with hail damage

We Buy Houses with Lighting & Thunderstorm Damage

A lightning storm is something that can happen anywhere in the United States, and they bring the chance of severe damage to your home’s structure and fire. Even if the lightning rods on your house are working properly by channeling energy into the ground, you can still see damage to your appliances, antennas, telephone and cable lines, steel framework, and satellite dishes. Even without fire, you can still have costly damage to your home that you have to pay for.

There are risks from thunderstorms even when your house didn’t get struck by lightning. There are things like high winds, hail, and flash flooding that you can worry about.

If you have had damage from lightning or thunderstorms, that you can’t afford to pay yourself, give us a call. We buy houses with any kind of damage.

We Buy Houses with Flood Damage

Flooding is one of the biggest risks that you will find when it comes to your safety and home. It can lead to a lot of damage to your drywall, foundation, and support beams. It also can cause dangerous contamination. You’re also at risk of mold growing just 24 hours after the flood, so you want to make sure that you are stopping water from its flow and begin remediation fast.

Different kinds of floods have different risks. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Flash floods – Common with melting snow and can completely overwhelm your structure
  • Storm Surges & Coastal Floods – Usually will result in evacuation warnings. They can entirely destroy houses.
  • Debris Flow – Made of plant material and heavy mud can crush a house and sweep it away

If you have had damage from a flood and you want to sell it rather than try and repair it, give us a call. We are glad to buy your house no matter what condition it is in.

We Buy Houses with High Winds Damage

Really high winds can happen anywhere, and thousands of them hit the United States annually. Severe winds exceed 50 to 60 miles per hour, and they fit into these categories:

  • Straight-line wind: This includes all winds that aren’t rotation associated.
  • Downdraft: This is a small air column, and it sinks quickly towards the ground.
  • Downburst: This is a wind that can be as terrible as a tornado, and it’s usually associated with a thunderstorm.
  • Microburst: A highly concentrated, small downburst that can reach speeds of 168 MPH or more. They also can be dry or wet.
  • Gust Front: This happens when cold air’s clashing with a thunderstorm’s warm air.
  • Derecho: This is a widespread, long-lived windstorm and comes with multiple thunderstorms or showers.
  • Haboob: This is a wall of dust that gets pushed along by the downdrafts from a thunderstorm.
  • Bow Echo; This is a wind that’s shaped like the bow of an archer. It can produce really strong straight-line winds or even tornadoes.
  • Tornado: This can travel over the top of dry land and can get up to 300 MPH or more.

Damage from the wind can be very widespread. It may not just affect your home’s structure; it also can affect its surrounding asphalt and landscaping. Make sure that you’re aware of the potential falling poles and trees and power lines that have been damaged. It’s important to have it taken care of quickly.

But if you have had a bad windstorm, such as a tornado or a hurricane, and you want to sell your house, you may find that it’s too expensive to do it the regular way. So, contact us and find out what we can offer you for your wind-damaged home.

Do you have a house that has been damaged by a storm that you want to sell? Why not contact us? We buy houses in any condition, even with storm damage. Simply contact us through the chat below and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

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