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Selling Your House & Moving to Florida From MA – What to Know

If you are someone who thinking of selling your house and moving, maybe you don’t know where you want to move to yet. That’s one reason why we are adding some new blogs about moving to different states from Massachusetts.

Have you ever dreamt of moving to Florida? It’s a pretty sweet state. It’s almost always sunny and you don’t have to worry about snow down there. If you’re currently living in Massachusetts and you’re going to be selling your house to moving to Florida, you’re going to find that there are a lot of big changes you’ll have to get used to. No more snow boots. No more fall foliage and there really aren’t any seasons changing. Just lots of sun, warmth, and palm trees.

Selling Your House & Moving from Massachusetts to Florida


Great weather

One of the best things about Florida is the great weather. A lot of areas in the state have temperatures between the 70s to the 80s throughout the year. even though there are sometimes when the weather is warmer, such as in the summer, the tropical climate offers in excess of 300 days during the year where sunshine rules. You don’t have to worry about snowy weather and harsh cold weather.

Gorgeous Beaches

Love the beach? Then you are going to love Florida. There are over 600 miles worth of beaches and the gorgeous Florida coast is close even when you’re living inland. The Florida beaches are gorgeous, so you can explore a lot of sun, sand, and surf. These wonderful beaches also have stunning scenery along with a lot of recreational activities, such as jet-skiing, fishing, snorkeling, boating, and swimming.


You probably think that it’s going to be expensive to live in Florida. However, it’s actually less expensive than you would think. It’s even cheaper to live there than in Massachusetts. Even though some places such as Miami are a lot more expensive, there are a lot of places that are in Florida that have low costs of living. For instance, the prices of real estate in Orlando, which is one of the biggest spots in Florida. Another thing that a lot of people like about Florida is that it doesn’t have its own income tax.

A lot of Great Wildlife

If you’re someone who enjoys seeing wild animals close to you, then you are going to love Florida. There is a lot of marine life that lives there, which includes manatees, sea turtles, dolphins, and a lot of fish. People who love watching birds also will love the 100s of various species that the state has. There’s the Everglades in southern Florida, too, where you can see Florida panthers, alligators, white-tailed deer, bobcats, red fox, and American crocodiles.

Great Food

Fresh seafood is one of the biggest reasons why people come to Florida. You can find really fresh seafood along Florida’s coast and a lot of the very best places can be found in one of the little beach towns. Go further south and you can experience authentic, delicious Cuban food. Go from Key West to Tampa and you are going to find many shops that claim that their Cuban sandwich is the very best. So give them each a try and see what one you like the best. The major cities in Florida have a lot of local favorites, incredible eateries, and restaurants that are world-class. Head to Epcot, and you can eat around the world in one day!

Lots to Do

It doesn’t matter if you want to ride roller coasters, you want to play sports or you are simply looking for some time outside, you are going to find it there. there are more great theme parks in Florida than you’ll find anywhere else in the United States. These are places like Universal and Disney World. Love sports? There are a lot of professional franchises here, including Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, the Rays, the Buccaneers, and Orlando Magic. You can also explore historical spots, such as St. Augustine which is America’s oldest city.

Florida’s Cities That Are Most Popular to Move to After Selling Your House


Not only is Miami beautiful, but it’s also very diverse. With a vibrant metro look and feel, it’s also one of the world’s biggest international hubs. It draws many young professionals with baking and trade careers. However, it also appeals to anyone looking for the beach scene. The diversity of Miami means that it’s a great spot where you can experience the festivities and food of many different cultures while enjoying the time on the beach.


Want great restaurants, beautiful beaches, lots of sports, and many employment opportunities then you want to check out Jacksonville. It has a lot of gorgeous beaches that Florida has to offer and it’s where southern rock was born. From classical shows to music festivals, you are going to find a lot of entertainment options. You also are going to find a lot of attractions and neighborhoods that are family-friendly, which means it’s great for young professionals and families.


Want everything that big cities have to offer with the vibe of a beach town? Then Tampa is for you. it has a lot of great museums, restaurants, sports teams and a lot of options for entertainment. It also has a growing Hispanic community. On the bay’s opposite side, St. Petersburg’s beaches are great for dolphin watching, parasailing, and water spots.

Now that you have read about Florida, are you ready to get on to selling your house and moving there? If so, maybe you are looking for a way you can sell it and move quickly. If so, then you want to consider selling your house to us. We can offer you a fair cash price for your house and make the transition quick and easy for you.

Interested in knowing more? Contact us here to find out more. We’ll be glad to give you a quote and remember, there’s no obligation whatsoever. We will give you a quote and show you what we can do for you.

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