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Selling Your Home with a Septic System? Here are 8 Signs It May Have a Problem

As a homeowner with a septic system, you know that having your system fail can be a huge problem. but this is especially true if you ever plan on selling your home. if the time comes that you’re going to sell your home, one of the things that you want to do is to make sure that the septic system is in good shape.  So, we are going to look at some signs that your septic system may be headed for failure.

Your septic tank is likely made of fiberglass, plastic, and concrete. It’s used for disposing of the waste from your home. when it malfunctions, that sewage may go underground go and then come up to the surface.

8 Signs of Failure You Should Look for When Selling Your Home

The System is Backing Up

Every appliance that is connected to the plumbing is also connected to the septic system. When it’s full or fails, wastewater and sewage aren’t going into your tank. Rather, it will remain in your pipes until it begins coming back up.

When this happens the wastewater and sewage come into your drains, toilet, and sinks. This is the most common and visible sign that your tank is failing. If you are noticing this symptom, it’s important to contact the plumber immediately.

Slow Drains

When your tank fails, it also can lead to slow drains. When you have a full tank, the wastewater won’t be collected. Due to this, the pipes are filled with sewage and your plumbing appliances won’t be able to drain.

This means that the drains aren’t going to be draining liquids such as water quickly. It doesn’t matter the types of tools you are using to unclog the drains, because you aren’t going to be able to do it since the problem is really your septic tank.

If you have slow drains, this means that you’re headed for backup. This means that they aren’t going to work period, meaning the wastewater is going to back up into the house.

Gurgling Sounds

Another thing that you want to look for is strange sounds when you’re using your plumbing appliances. This includes flushing the toilet and hearing strange gurgling sounds. If this is the case, you want to call your plumber.

Usually, your toilet will make noises related to water that will stop when the flushing stops. But if you are hearing noises that sound like when your stomach is upset, there’s a big problem. this is also the case if the gurgling noises are coming from the drain. This means that you have a clog or something else related to your septic system that needs to be fixed quickly.

Dampness or Water Pooling Near Your Drain Field

When your tank fails, it’s not going to absorb your wastewater anymore. This means the wastewater naturally seeps from your ground. This means that there could be a huge wastewater pool near your drain field. It also could mean that the area’s damp.

These two signs are two of the most obvious. Having a pool near your drain field normally will look like it rained on the grass for a really long time. It’s also going to be suspicious if the area is damp particularly if you haven’t had any rain.

You should always look for these kinds of symptoms if you’re afraid that the tank is damaged or full.

Nasty Odors

Another sign that you have septic problems is smelling nasty smells near your plumbing appliances and drain field. If you are noticing foul and strong odors when you’re walking around your property and especially your lawn, chances are that you have a failed tank.

If you’re smelling foul odors in the house, chances are that you also have this problem. These types of smells mean that the sewage is coming into the drain line.

Bright Green & Healthy-Looking Grass Above Drain Field

A lot of people use fertilizers, manure, and mulch for helping their lawns grow. Sewage can also contain things like potassium, micronutrients, potassium, and phosphorous which helps plants grow when they absorb it.

This means that if you’re noticing any grass that is unusually green near the drain field, chances are that there’s wastewater that’s going into the lawn. Because grass is green naturally, it can be hard to find this symptom.

The wastewater is going to contribute to making your lawn really green, so you’re definitely going to notice it. This is particularly true if you have had problems with drought. Look at your drain field so that you’re spotting the problem before it gets too bad.

Algae Blooms in Close Water

If you’re living near something like a pond or lake, you should look for algae blooms to appear suddenly. This also can be a hard one to diagnose because a lot of people think that it’s normal to have some algae.

That being said, this type of algae will occur when there is a lot of algae forming in water. They’re not natural and they look as if the water was extensively algae contaminated. Having problems with wastewater can also make this happen.

Hi Coliform Levels in Your Well

If you have a well nearby, you’re able to detect high levels of nitrates and bacteria from coliform. The water in your well is going to be free naturally from harsh chemicals and bacteria. However, if your septic has failed, it’s going to contaminate your well, too.

Now that you know the signs of having problems with your septic tank, let’s look at some FAQ about septic systems.

What’s the cost of repair services for a septic system?

The price for repairing your septic will run from $500 – $2,000. The actual price is going to depend on the labor hours, work scope, and other things.

Can your drain field get repaired?

It’s not easy to repair your drain field. However, it can be done if you hire someone who is experienced in plumbing or septic systems.

How long does a septic system last?

When it’s properly maintained, it can last over 40 years. It’s a good idea to inspect and pump your tank to prevent issues in the long term and the system from failing.

What if you have a problem with your septic system and you are worried that you will not be able to sell your house with it? What if you don’t have the time or the money to fix it before selling your house? If that is the case, contact us. We’ll be glad to give you a fair cash quote for your home and you won’t have to do any kind of repairs to it, including your septic system.

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