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Selling a House & Moving with Kids – 8 Tips

Selling A House

Selling a house is hard, to begin with. But when you are selling a house and you have kids involved, it makes it even harder. So we are going to give you some tips on how you can make the transition easier for you and your family.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 1 – Be Clear

Make sure you’re telling the kids why you’re moving and when. Make sure that it’s age-appropriate and that you do it when things are finalized. Are you relocating because you got a new job? Is it so that you’re closer to your family? Tell them, because they are a lot smarter than you believe. They know when something is going on. So rather than waiting to tell them at the right time, which may never come, tell them now. Add this topic to your agenda for your next meeting. Chances are that they might need some time for absorbing and processing the news. Therefore, make sure that you give them it also. But be sure that they are informed about the plans ahead of time and making sure they’re updated is going to help with having a much smoother move.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 2 – Involve Them in Your Move

From packing up their treasures to choosing the new house, get them involved. The whole family is affected, of course.

Below are some things that you can do:

  • Allow them to vote on the house that you are going to buy. This might be as easy as viewing online pictures together while you narrow the search down or taking the kids with you to tour the new houses. Ask what they think, hear what they like and don’t like, and think about their views when you make your selection.
  • Send the kids with some boxes to their bedrooms. Giving them the ownership of being part of your move, when age-appropriate, can help them feel as if they’re part of the whole process. This can make the transition a lot easier.
  • Unleash their style senses. From pillowcases to paint colors, allow them to help with deciding on how their bedrooms in the new house look. Even cranky toddlers are going to smile when they’re picking out some new goodies.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 3 – Take Them to the New Town

If you are moving due to work, ask to be able to visit the new town in the relocation package, then take your children along. Make it into a mini-vacation and explore that new area. You particularly want to go to the sites that have activities for kids, such as playgrounds, ice cream shops, and parks. When they see familiar places in the new town, they’re going to feel more comfortable and at home once they’re there and moved in.  It’s also a good idea to point out familiar things such as favorite restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King. This way they know that they can still get their favorite foods no matter where they are.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 4 – Connect with Some Other Parents

 This is going to help everyone involved. Go onto the social networks and find some connections. There are people who know others all over the place. Or if you’re relocating due to a job, you can ask the HR director about local groups for parents. Are you moving with young children? The local library probably has playgroups and storytimes. these are both easy ways that you can meet some potential friends both for your children and you. if you have older kids, you can check out the community center or the YMCA to find out what is available. This is particularly important if you’re moving in the summertime when the swimming pools in the area are full of kids.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 5 – Plan to Visit to Reconnect

There are going to be a lot of tears when people are saying goodbye, especially your children saying goodbye to old friends. So make a plan to go back to your hometown. This way your children have something that they can look forward to and it’s going to bring them some comfort knowing that a visit is planned.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 6 – Make Sure You Have Lots of Preparation Time

As you are winding down the time in the old house and moving day is getting a lot closer, you are likely to have many unexpected moments. People are going to drop by and wish you and the family well, going away parties in the neighborhood and occasionally your children are going to meltdown. You might even have a couple of those times yourself. Make sure that you have built-in buffer time so that unplanned delays are factored in.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 7 – Remember Every Age Will Have Its Challenges

Although you might think that one age is harder than another when it comes to moving with kids, this isn’t true. For the tweens and teens, they are going to have a lot harder time because they are leaving the friends they have known. They also are going to be concerned about being the newest kid in town. For the toddler-aged kids, they’re just starting to get their footing. Now they have to go through a whole new house. They are also losing familiar faces. However, these challenges also can present some opportunities. So you want to make sure you’re pointing out the positive things about moving. Remind your teens that they can explore new horizons and begin fresh. You can always celebrate with a makeover or shopping spree. For the younger ones, finding new friends is going to be important. So you want to be involved with the toddler network where you’re moving quickly.

Selling a House and Moving with Kids Tip 8 – Keep Lovies Close by

Make sure that you are letting your children keep their comfort items close to them. whether it’s a teddy bear, a blanket, or a favorite book, having something familiar and comfortable with them whenever they need it is going to make things a lot easier for them. Allow each child to pack something to keep with them in your car so that they have access to the important things no matter where they are.

These are eight tips that you can use when you are selling a house and you have children. No matter what age they are, it’s going to be an adjustment for them.

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