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Selling a House? 6 Benefits of Decluttering First!

Selling A House

When you are selling a house, one of the things that you want to consider doing is decluttering it before you put your house up for sale. There are quite a few benefits of decluttering your house. Here are 6 reasons why you want to think of decluttering the home before you even put it up for sale.

Decluttering Before Selling a House Benefit 1 – Rooms Appear Bigger

Even though the rooms are always the same size whether they’re full of clutter or not, a buyer’s perception changes when the room is less cluttered. Clutter will make the house look smaller. If there are a lot of things in one room, this is going to alter the person’s perception. A lot of pieces of furniture and trinkets here and there make the house appear lived-in. So decluttering the house is going to make a huge difference.

Decluttering Before Selling A House Benefit 2 – It’s Much Easier to Get Clean

It’s important that your home is clean when you have people in it for an open house. Cleaning’s a lot harder when there are many things that you have to move around. This especially pertains to furniture. It can take a long time for you to clean when you have to move a lot of furniture that you have to move around. So, if you want to reduce your cleaning time, it’s a good idea to declutter. If there’s a lot of furniture, it’s a good idea to store it while you’re selling. Simply make sure that you are protecting it before storing it so it doesn’t become damaged.

Decluttering Before Selling A House Benefit 3 – Potential Problems are Revealed

Sometimes clutter can mask underlying problems that your house has. You can’t see mold if it’s hidden behind things that are by your wall. Your wall also might be cracked that you’ve never noticed. Having less clutter can open up your space and open up your perspective too. That’s another reason why you want to give yourself lots of time for decluttering. If you have any problems that crop up, you’re going to have time for dealing with them. Use the decluttering for an opportunity to fix problems you find, since they could deter your buyers.

Decluttering Before Selling A House Benefit 4 – It Means Fewer Distractions

Along with the other disadvantages that clutter offers, it’s also very distracting. Rather than being able to imagine a future in your home, the buyers sometimes get bombarded with your past. When they are seeing personalized items inside your home, this will sufficiently distract them so that they think about not buying it. When you declutter before selling, this helps you with removing distractions. You want to create a space that is neutral. Remove the pictures of your family and any kind of eclectic paintings that you alone enjoy. Otherwise, these can make selling the house harder.

Decluttering Before Selling A House Benefit 5 – It Inspires the Imagination of Buyers

A really essential thing when you are selling a house is to spur the imagination of buyers. Clutter will just deter buyers. Before you sell a buyer the house, you want to make sure that you are selling them an idea of it being their home. you want the house to be neutral yet on the cusp of greatness. This can be hindered by clutter.

In addition, a lot of people find that open houses are uncomfortable. You are walking through a house that belongs to someone else, and many people don’t enjoy doing it. When you declutter before selling a house, it also can help greatly with that. If your space’s neutral enough, Aa potential buyer isn’t going to think of the house as someone else’s but as thiers.

This is really important if you’re renting it out. The majority of people who’re looking at homes to rent are only looking for the bare minimum since they’ve got their own items that they want to bring into the house.

Decluttering Before Selling A House Benefit 6 – It Increases the House’s Value

Without a doubt, the main reason that anyone does any kind of home improvement, including doing decluttering, is to increase the home’s value. You may be surprised that decluttering can do this too. Again, this is due to perception. When a house is full of clutter, it looks like they weren’t properly maintained. They might be perfect and clean anywhere else. However, it looks like they’re not. But when a home doesn’t have a lot of clutter, it looks as if it was well maintained. People are often willing to pay a lot more.

Other Reasons to Declutter a House Before You Sell It

There are a few other benefits that decluttering a house before you sell it will bring, and chances are that you might not even know about these. Decluttering will influence a lot of parts of the sale, so it’s hard to include all of them. however, here are some of the more common decluttering benefits.

  • Smells Cleaner – Clutter often can stop air circulation. None of the potential buyers will picture themselves living somewhere that is full of stale air. The smell also is something that people are going to notice first
  • Painting the Walls is Easier – If you’re interested in painting the house, it’s going to be a lot simpler when you’ve decluttered. You have much less furniture that you have to move, and you don’t have to worry about painting or breaking something inadvertently. It’s also important to paint if you’ve used bold colors to paint your walls. When you are preparing to sell your home, you want to be neutral as possible.
  • Staging Is Easier – Other than decluttering, staging your house is a great way to increase the price. However, even professional companies can find it hard to stage the house when the space has a lot of clutter in it.

As you can see, decluttering a house is a good idea. However, what if you need to sell your house now and you don’t have the time to do the decluttering? Well, we can help you with that. We buy houses for cash, and we are ready to give you a fair cash offer on your home. Why not contact us and let us tell you what we can offer you?

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