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Want to Sell Your House? 15 Things to Do First

When you want to sell your house, there is a lot that you want to do to make sure that everything goes well. Below are 15 things that you should do before you put your house up for sale. These things take time but they are extremely important if you are selling your house the traditional way.

Have Your HVAC Checked Before You Sell Your House

Your HVAC system is expensive to replace. However, any kind of issues that you are having might be something that can be fixed. Hiring an HVAC expert is a good idea so that they can assess your system carefully and do any kind of maintenance it requires.

Have Your Electricity Checked Before You Sell Your House

Problems with your electrical system are often more than just inconvenient. It can be a really big concern for your safety, too. Wiring that is faulty can cause house fires. Therefore, you want to make sure that there aren’t any possible problems that you might not know about or see with your naked and untrained eye.

Assess Your Appliances Before You Sell Your House

Appliances in your home should be completely working when you sell your house. If it’s been a while before they were updated, you might need to replace the old ones with ones that are more current or that are more energy efficient.

Check Your Cabinets Before You Sell Your House

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets often get neglected and aren’t cleaned routinely. So you want to clean them deeply before you sell your house. It’s possible that a deep cleaning is all that’s needed. However, it’s a good idea to check the cabinets that are under sinks and make sure that they haven’t been damaged by water.

Check Your Plumbing Before You Sell Your House

If there are issues with your plumbing, it’s possible that you have some water damage. This could lead to issues in your home’s structure. Look for any pipes that are rusty or faulty in other ways and search for damage such as mildew or mold. You also want to check the age of the plumbing and your home’s water heater too.

Check Your Sinks & Faucets Before Selling a Home

You want to make sure that your sinks are properly draining. If they aren’t, it could be something that you could try fixing yourself. There are a lot of options for clog removers and drain cleaners at different stores. These things will usually help with most issues. If they don’t, it’s possible that you will need a plumber to come in and check everything. You also want to make sure your faucets can be used easily. Make sure that both the cold and hot taps are labeled clearly.

Check Your Bathtub Before Selling a House

If your home has a bathtub, you want to ensure it has no water damage such as mold and that it’s clean. If the bathtub’s paint coating’s beginning to peel, you want to have it refinished. Generally, you want to make sure the bathroom’s very clean.

Check Your Walls’ Condition Before Selling Your House

A really easy thing that you can do when you are getting ready to sell your house is making sure the walls are looking nice. Be sure that they don’t have any holes and paint them if necessary. If the walls are painted an unusual or bright color, now is the time to paint them more neutral colors.

Check The Condition of Your Floors Before Selling Your House

If your home’s floors aren’t well-maintained and clean, it’s something that’s going to be noticed by any potential buyers. You should replace any carpeting older than 5-6 years. If your floor is uncarpeted, it’s possible that a fresh coat of polish or replacing certain boards or tiles if necessary. If you’re a pet owner, this is really something you have to be careful about too.

Make Sure Your Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors are There & Work

Most people know how important smoke detectors are. However, detectors for carbon monoxide also are very important. Carbon monoxide’s a colorless, flavorless, and odorless gas that’s very toxic and can cause injury as well as death. You want to be sure that all detectors are there and working.

Check The Status of Interior & Exterior Doors Before You Sell Your House

Along with properly functioning, you want to be sure that your doors are also looking nice. This is particularly true for exterior doors. You should make sure they’re clean and free of damages like scratches since they’re among the first things that people are going to see when looking at the house. It’s also essential that they are opening smoothly whether they’re on a track or hinges.

Make Sure Your Gardening & Landscaping Looks Nice

You always want to make sure that you’re making a good impression. This will be important for the house too. Along with your home’s exterior, your landscaping and gardening are something that people are going to notice. It’s not necessary to do something extreme. Simply make sure that everything’s tidy and well-maintained. Mow the lawn, rake up the leaves, pick up any dog messes if you have one.

Fix Any Roof Issues Before Selling Your House

Your roof appearance is very important. But the biggest importance of your roof is whether or not is functional. Make sure that your roof doesn’t have any kind of water damage and be sure the sealant’s free of issues like cracks. Issues with your roof’s structure may cause water damage or leaks in the house, so that is something you want to call a professional contractor in for. Your gutters are something that you should also address. However, that’s something you might be able to care for yourself.

Address Yard Drainage Before Selling Your Home

If your home’s yard becomes swampy or floods after it rains, chances are that you have drainage issues. Along with not looking very nice or making your yard much harder to enjoy, when water collects around the house can cause foundation problems. So, you want to address this issue and take care of it.

Check Your Fencing Before Selling Your House

This isn’t something that every homeowner will need to do. but if your house is surrounded by fencing, make sure that it’s undamaged and clean. If your fence has chipping paint, you want to consider cleaning it and repainting.

These are 15 things that you want to do before you sell your house if you are selling it through a realtor. If, however, you want to sell your house without going through all of that stress, we are glad to buy your house for cash. No inspections, no repairs, nothing like that. We buy your house quickly and for a fair price. Contact us today and sell your house for cash.

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