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7 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home & Downsize

Sell Your Home

Have you thought about selling your home and downsizing it? Maybe you’re not sure if it’s time to sell your home and downsize it. It can sometimes be hard to know when it’s time to do it or when you just should stick it out and stay in your home. Below are some of the signs that you should sell your home and get a smaller one.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – You’re Overwhelmed by Maintenance

If the physical activity and cost it’s taking to maintain your property’s become very intimidating and overwhelming, then chances are that you want to downsize so you can have something that’s not as big. Even though every home is going to have maintenance that needs to be done occasionally that will lie outside your financial or physical comfort zone, when you find yourself struggling regularly for performing the necessary chores for maintaining the property you want to find the right solution. It should make you happy rather than cause you mental or physical anguish.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – Unused, Empty Space

Are there a lot of rooms in your house that you aren’t using? Did you buy a garage that holds three cars because you had kids who were learning how to drive and now there are only two cars in it or fewer? You’re spending money and time to keep those unused areas heated and clean when you don’t really need them. not only is that extra space sitting there, but it’s also weighing you down mentally and physically. Signs to Downsize: Empty, Unused Space

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – Unaffordable Monthly Expenses

Along with having the maintenance costs, a larger home also can have very high holding costs. These are those costs that you have simply because you live there. sometimes a homeowner might see their taxes going up a lot as their values increase. This can be really hard when you are on a fixed income. Generally, a house that is smaller will cost less to maintain. The mortgage prices are lower and the maintenance and utility costs are also less. When you combine these facts with the financial boost when downsizing and you are going to see that it’s much better.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – You Often Aren’t Home

Do you find yourself traveling a lot? If so, why do you want to have a huge house if you are hardly in it that much? Whether you are wintering in Florida or Arizona, or you are planning to visit the kids or grandkids often, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a large house if you aren’t there that much. If you find that you are away from home more than you are home, it could be time to make the change.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – You Want a Simpler Life

Have you looked around your house and thought, “We have too much stuff?” chances are that you may have thought that once in a while. The truth is that many people prefer something simpler. The thing is about technology is that it makes a simpler life a lot easier. It used to be that if you wanted a large library of books, you had to have lots of bookcases. Now there are some people who still prefer reading books that way. But for other people, having their books on an e-reader or another tablet with a Kindle app is just as good or even better because their library goes along with them.

The same goes for DVDs and CDs. Now, not all movies are available on digital. But with streaming apps like Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more, you can find most of your movies and shows that you love right on your favorite device. This can reduce the need for lots of DVDs, which can take up a lot of space in your home. As for music, you can find almost any band or song on Apple Music or another streaming service.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – Major Changes in Your Life

Dealing with huge changes in your life will often require you to change your environment or setting. When you have a growing family, a lot of people upsize their homes so that they have room for pets, extended family, or children. But when you have the opposite major change in your life, it is often a sign that you should downsize and simplify.

For a lot of people, this will happen when they retire. This life change, along with the fact that there are fewer people who are living in the home, means it’s probably time to downsize. Other things that might happen are the death of a spouse, employment change, divorce, or wanting to fulfill a dream that was put off for far too long.

Signs You Should Sell Your Home & Downsize – Experiencing Emotional Agony

This is something that a lot of people experience. Sometimes they love their home but they are having trouble staying there because it’s just a reminder of a loss. Widows or widowers, empty nesters, divorcees, those who have lost their job could find that they need to downsize and find somewhere else.

The house is the thing that you see first when you awaken. If you are feeling a lot of heartaches and not a lot of pleasure when you see it, you might think about downsizing it and finding a new place to live.

If you are ready to sell your home and downsize to a smaller one, you probably have a lot on your mind. Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle that’s usually associated with selling a home. if you are interested, we can give you a fair cash offer without any of the usual hang-ups that come with selling a house. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you. It’s a lot easier than you would expect.

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