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Planning to Sell Your House? 7 Possible Problems

Sell Your Home

Do you plan to sell your home soon? If this is your first time selling a house, then you may not know that there are some things that can happen and that can make the whole situation a headache.

7 Problems You Might Have When You Sell Your House

Problems with Mold, Structures & More

Buyers often will get nervous when it comes to problems issues with the structure. This can cause the sale to be canceled. They often become skittish with termites, mold, and other issues that might compromise the home’s bones.

A way that you can avoid these kinds of issues is to have the home pre-inspected when the home is listed. This way, when there are issues found, there’s time for them to be remedied before selling.

The Ball Was Dropped by the Lender

You probably know that not all realtors are the same. But you may not know that it’s the same for the lenders too. If the person who is buying your house doesn’t do any type of research and they simply choose a random lender, it’s possible that they are going to wind up with a really big headache, which means that you have a headache too. If they’re not thorough, the paperwork might be on the very bottom of their stack. Even if it’s not completely forgotten, some careless mistakes such as a name being spelled wrong, putting in an incorrect amount of the loan, or not getting a signature might stop the whole transaction.

This sounds like it’s harsh since it’s their job. However, this happens a lot more often than you; ’d believe. It’s important that your agent is checking with the chosen lender and making sure that communication is clear. You also want to make sure that you have copies so that both your agent and you can thoroughly examine them.

Buyer Pre-Qualified But Wasn’t Pre-Approved

It’s actually really easy for most potential buyers to receive pre-qualification since the process isn’t in-depth. Simply because the buyer’s saying they’re pre-qualified and they’re out looking at the homes with their agent, it doesn’t mean they can actually buy. Serious buyers need pre-approval commitments from lenders that show they’ll back their loan.

With this type of situation, the realtor can request that the buyer receive pre-approval from a trusted lender. This will help ensure that the offer they’re making on the home will be legitimate. If the buyer insists that they want to use a lender of their own, make sure that you are only accepting those offers from the buyers with commitment letters that show they were pre-approved.

Faulty Appraisal

When you are trying to get a really good amount of money when you sell your house, it’s often disappointing when it comes to your appraisal process. You may have a faulty appraisal when they have trouble showing community appreciation when depreciation is easy to show. Not only that, but companies who do appraisals often will send representatives who don’t know the area because they’re not from around there. if reps don’t know anything about those comparable properties that are close to yours, they’re not going to be able to give you an appraisal that’s accurate.

To steer clear of this kind of scenario, you want to choose an appraiser who is trusted and local. You might be tempted to choose one that is the lowest price. However, this can cost you more than you can imagine when you sell your house.

Buyer Was Angry You Took Something

You may think that this is a funny joke. However, it happens. Sometimes the seller will remove what the buyer thinks are permanent fixtures when moving out. These are things like curtain rods, blinds, chandeliers, some of the lights, and they’re usually thought to be in the room when the key’s turned over.

To stop this type of confusion, you want to review the permanent fixture list with the agent when an offer’s made. You can agree on what’s staying and what you can take. If you’re planning to take the fridge and other things with you, make sure that you tell the buyer that they’ll need to buy those.

Repairs Took Longer to Complete

When you have accepted the offer and the time is counting down, you want to make sure that you are getting things done. Did the buyer or inspector give you a list that they wanted to be done, those need to be done before the day of closing. It’s not a good idea to make trip after trip to your local hardware store or rush around the day before closing.

Rather, you can always hire someone to do the repairs, both small and big. When you have someone who is handling all of the repairs is going to make things a lot easier. You have enough to worry about. You are moving too, and this time is very busy. Make sure that there’s a warranty offered by the contractor.

You Don’t Like Your Agent

An agent will make the overall experience easier or harder on you when you want to sell your house. using the cousin of a friend might seem like it’s the best idea and it can save you some money. However, it can lead to some big problems down the road. You may find that your home’s sitting for sale for months or longer without any interest. You may not get the whole home value. When you are choosing an agent, you want to look for someone tech-savvy, experienced, likable, and knowledgeable.

When you are choosing your agent, make sure that you are reading reviews, interviewing a few agents, and asking them for references.

These are some of the problems that you may run into you when you sell your house. One of the best ways that you can avoid these problems is to sell your house for cash. if you want to sell your house for cash, then we are ready to give you a no-obligation quote. Contact us here or simply send us a chat and we’ll be glad to give you a fair cash quote.

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