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Selling Your House & Moving Cross-Country? Here is a Helpful Guide

Selling Your House
Removal Truck Waiting To Be Unloaded Outside New Home On Moving Day

Selling your house and moving even a short distance is stressful enough. But it’s even more stressful when you are moving cross-country. That is why we thought we would cover some tips that you can use when you are moving cross-country.

If you are selling your house and moving cross-country into a climate that is cooler or warmer, this might change what you are going to wear. So, you want to be discerning when you pack up your clothes. Moving into a house that is smaller also might mean that the furniture isn’t going to work in your new space. If you want to have a fresh start, you also might decide that you aren’t interested in taking the things that you already have. The amount of stuff you’re moving also will affect the move’s cost. So if you want to keep within a budget, you want to cut down on what you’re bringing with you.

Figure Out What to Get Rid of When Selling Your House & Moving Cross-Country

If you have decided that some clothing isn’t coming on the move, whether it’s because of making a fresh start or the weather, think about donating the things that you don’t want before leaving. Purchase the new clothing when you are at the new house instead of prior to your move. This is going to help you with having less packing and you will find out the new home’s vibe. So you can figure out what outfits are best to wear.

This also goes for your furniture. If you’ve decided you don’t want to bring it with you, donate what isn’t coming as you are packing up. A lot of places will be happy to pick up the furniture from you, and this makes it very easy. If you’re looking for ways that you can make money, you also can sell it online, either on the Facebook marketplace, on Craigslist, or other places. No matter how you are doing it, when you get rid of it this means that you are going to have fewer things that need to be moved or shipped to the new home. Not only that but you have a chance to look at the new house before you commit to your new furniture.

Moves that are long-distance are different from the shorter moves. Chances are that you are going to renting a big truck, which costs based on the cubic foot, or you’ll ship the items, which will cost by weight. No matter how you are looking at it when you have a lot of stuff you are going to spend a lot of money. So, anything that you are able to downsize will help your wallet.

Locate the Cross-Country Movers After Selling Your House

A great way that you can move cross-country is by using a moving company that you can trust. Once you are pretty much settled on the way that you are going to move, and you’ve found the place that you are moving to, the next thing you want to do is to choose your movers. You can start at Yelp unless you have someone who has done a long-distance move. Yelp is a great site to help you with finding some movers who have great reviews. Make sure that you’ve read the reviews thoroughly, so you know what the people who have used them said about their services.

Check with a few moving companies that are promising and get quotes. Be sure that you give them all of the information that’s needed so that the quote they give you is accurate. You also want to be sure that you’re asking important questions like:

  • When the items will arrive
  • Do they charge surcharges for distance/fuel
  • What insurance do they offer

You also want to be sure that the company’s licensed, and this can be done through the DoT.

Doing a Cross-Country Move Without Movers After Selling Your House

What if you’re not interested in selling your items or hiring movers? If you want to know how you can do a cross-country move on your own, this can be easy. Based on the amount you are moving, it’s possible that you will need to rent a van or truck, and this will come with a different checklist of what you have to do.

Start to pack. This will let you know the amount of stuff you’re moving. then you have to decide what you are going to move and find out the pricing. Along with the vehicle’s cost, gas prices are also going to be a consideration.

Not only that but you want to think about getting some insurance for the moving vehicle. If you have car insurance already, check with the provider and find out if they will cover your moving vehicle. Regardless, you might want to think about getting some separate insurance with the company, similar to when you rent a vehicle on vacation. If you also are moving a vehicle, be sure that you also know how your moving vehicle can tow it, if necessary, too.

First, start packing, so you know how much you’re moving. Then you’ll need to decide where to rent a truck or van and look into pricing. Aside from the cost of the vehicle, you’ll also need to consider what gas will cost.

Selling Your House – Packing for Your Cross-Country Move

  • Make an inventory or checklist that is going to track each of your boxes and what they contain. Label each box and then create your master list so that you can track your boxes.
  • Take some pictures of your expensive items’ condition before moving. Document all belongings before you put them into the moving truck. This way you are going to know if anything’s been damaged when you arrive.
  • Decide what is traveling with you. if you’re sending the belongings on with the movers or shipping them, be sure that you’ve kept all of the things that you’re going to need ahead of time. Chances are that you are going to get to the location before your items, so you want to make sure that you have enough so that you live for a few days. These are things like toiletries, medicine, clothes, etc.
  • Begin to pack early. Packing’s very arduous so you want to start doing it ahead of time. This way you won’t be rushing around at the last minute. Pack your nonessentials bit by bit. This is going to feel like it’s not as big of a job. If you begin your packing early, you also will spend some more time thinking about what can be donated, thrown out, sold, too.
  • Plan ahead of time – If you’re donating or selling things before leaving, you may have to do it far in advance. So you want to look into this early. You also should begin using/throwing out perishables. The last thing you want is to cart a lot of food cross-country. So, make sure that you are eating what you can. not only that, but when you book your movers in advance you might have a lower price.
  • Pack all your belongings as if they’re fragile – If you’re sending stuff with your movers or shipping it, you’re not going to know how it will be handled. So you want to pack everything accordingly. Just in case things get rough, you want to be sure that the items are wrapped up and then packed up tightly. This will reduce the chance of them being broken.
  • Watch questionable items – Check with your movers before you pack up everything. This will help with making sure that you aren’t packing something that might cause you trouble.
  • Pack up pets – if you have some pets, make sure that you are bringing enough room with you in your vehicle so that they have enough to eat. You also should think about putting their bed and toys in your vehicle so that they’ll always have some water ready and they’re comfortable.
  • Plan your route: If you are driving cross-country, try planning your route ahead of time so that you’re able to book some places where you can stay. This is particularly helpful when you have pets and you’re going to need pet-friendly hotels. It also will help with reducing stress. This also is helpful when you are driving your moving truck since you will know ahead of time that you’re going somewhere that has room for accommodating a large vehicle.
  • Keep necessary documents with you: These are things like birth certificates, medical records, and others. These should be kept in easy reach when moving. it’s also a good idea to make copies too.

Getting Pets Ready for Moving Cross-Country

If you are moving pets cross-country, this is another process that you have to get ready for. Chances are that your pet has been considered when you chose your new house. However, you want to also start planning ahead of time for the way that you are going to move any pets. Make sure they’re checked by the vet and tell the vet you’re moving. You’ll need their medical history from their old vet to give the new vet. The vet also might give you some recommendations to make them comfortable during travel.

It’s also important to check the state guidelines where you are moving to and make sure that your pets all have the right paperwork for when you arrive. When you move, be sure the vehicle has for your drive. Or, if you’re flying, be sure they have what is needed on the airplane. If possible, though, move your pet by vehicle.

We hope that you find this useful for planning a cross-country move after selling your house. Are you planning or needing to move cross-country and you’re having trouble selling your house? We are happy to help you with that. We buy your house no matter what condition it is in. contact us or send us a chat message to find out what we can do for you.

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