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Want to Sell Your House? Declutter It First

Sell Your Home

When you have decided that it’s time to sell your house, one of the things that you need to do is to make sure that it’s ready to be shown. This involves going through your home and decluttering it. Today we are going to walk you through the places where you have to make sure you remove the clutter before you sell your house.

Declutter Your Hallways Before You Sell Your House

These are usually narrow and therefore they can get overwhelmed easily by stuff. As your home’s entrance, they’re among the first spots that people see. decluttering the hallway is going to make sure that the first impression someone has of the house is a good one. It also is going to make the narrow space appear wider.

Tips for Decluttering Your Hallway

  • Sort through your accessories, coats, and shoes that usually are kept there. Anything that is no longer wanted or needed, get rid of them.  Think about keeping the seasonal clothing in the vacuum-sealed bags and your seasonal shoes inside plastic boxes beneath beds or someplace else.
  • Tidy Up Your Paperwork – The last thing that you want is to have people seeing piles of mail sitting out. So you want to remove the mail and file them. it’s a good idea to also have an in-tray in the office or someplace else and a place for your letters in your hall.
  • Clear Away Any Pet Items – It’s a good idea to tidy up your dog’s leads, beds, and toys. They are going to make your hall look untidy and cluttered. They also can be rather stinky.

Declutter Your Living Room Before You Sell Your House

It’s important for your living room to appear welcoming. However, it’s important that it feels spacious as well. Here are some things that you should do.

Tips for Decluttering Your Living Room

  • Reduce Excess Furniture A fast thing that you can do when you are decluttering the house before you sell is to rehome excess furniture. When you remove just one or two pieces that you don’t need, it’s going to make the room feel a lot more spacious. It also is going to help your room’s positive features more obvious.
  • Get Rid of Oversized Pieces – It’s possible that you have gym equipment or a big coffee table in a smaller living room. Or you’ve placed an ottoman in the guest bedroom. Consider if it has to be displayed or if you could sell it, donate it or store it somewhere else while your home is for sale.
  • Depersonalize – Even though your photographs of kids or from your wedding are, these should be taken down before you have open houses or viewings. When you declutter the photos on shelves and walls, you are depersonalizing the home. this means that any prospective buyers are able to visualize the house as theirs. This also is a good way that you can decide whether those items should go into a box instead. It’s possible that you’ll need to take those shelves where your pictures were and rearrange them. so play around with your space. However, remember that it should be symmetrical and simple when possible.

Declutter Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your House

When your prospective buyers are coming to look at your house, one thing that they are going to really want to see is the kitchen. Here are some tips on how to declutter your kitchen.

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

  • Declutter the Work Surfaces This is essential, especially if you have a lot of kitchen appliances and gadgets on show. For instance, if you’re only using the juicer every once in a while, place that into the cupboard in between uses. It’s possible that you are going to consolidate space in the cupboards so there is room.
  • Tidy Up Cupboards & Drawers – Sort through the items and keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be done in one go. You can sort out your cutlery and then do your pans the next day. Get rid of duplicates and anything that’s not used or that’s worn out or broken. Donate the items that are working to family or friends who can use them. Anything that is clean and that works also can be taken to a thrift store and donated.
  • Remove artwork, magnets, vouchers, and other things on the fridge
  • Declutter your windowsills – The same thing that we talked about with the fridge you also should do with your windowsills. Reduce any ornaments and plants. Only leave one or two so that people can clearly see what the space is that you have to offer.

Declutter Your Bedroom Before You Sell Your House

One of the things that people are going to look into when they are touring your home is the closets and cupboards. So you want to make sure that you tidy and declutter the bedroom so they see what they are getting.

Tips for Decluttering Your Bedroom

  • Declutter the Closets = This is essential before you sell your house. If they’re really full, this is going to make people think that you don’t have a lot of space. People want to open up the closets and see how big the closet is. Go through the clothes categories so that you can make it a lot more manageable – like tops, pants, dresses, underwear. All of your clothes should be put into a category and decide what you plan to wear and what can be put away. This will help the buyers see how much space is in it.
  • Clear Out Shelves – If your closet has shelves, don’t forget to clear them as well so that they can see how much space is on them.
  • Hide What’s Beneath the Bed – If you are storing items under your bed, either buy boxes that are neater-looking or buy a bed skirt that will hide the storage space.

Declutter Your Kids’ Rooms Before You Sell Your House

When you’re a parent, it can be very hard to keep the house tidy. It also can be very hard to get the kids to toss things in the trash as well. However, if their room is very cluttered, it’s essential.

Tips for Decluttering Your Kids’ Rooms

  • Declutter Toys = This really can help with keeping things looking great as well as creating much more space. Try involving the children. However, if they’re young the decision will be yours. Donate or toss out things they’re not playing with anymore.
  • Store Things for Future Use – If there are items that you are keeping in case there’s another child down the road, put these in boxes and then store them someplace else.
  • Get Stylish Storage – After you’ve decluttered, using storage baskets will make a great way that you can organize the toys in the play areas. It also means that you can toss the toys into them quickly before each viewing.

Declutter Your Bathrooms Before You Sell Your House

One thing that you want people to think is that your bathroom’s very simple to clean and it’s a place where they can enjoy some me-time. Having a lot of expired and half-used toiletries isn’t going to help with this illusion.

Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

  • Toss Out Old Toiletries – You want to sort through toiletries and cosmetics and toss any of them that are past the expiration date. Usually, makeup will expire 6-12 months after the purchase date. So you should remember that when you are decluttering the cosmetics. Donate things that haven’t been used to food banks.
  • Invest in Some Good Storage for Towels – Are all of your towels on display? You want to make sure that you’ve got some good storage so that they stay neat. It also will help with keeping the towels dry. This also will help the bathroom stay smelling sweet.

Declutter Your Home Office Before You Sell Your House

Whether it’s a room on its own or just a part of your bedroom or living room, you want to make sure that it stays neat. It’s also a good idea to hide paperwork away from viewers who are particularly nosy.

Tips for Decluttering Your Home Office

  • Clear Out Paperwork – If there are a lot of paperwork piles and you’re feeling stressed out by them, your prospective buyers are going to feel the same way. Take time and gather up all of the paperwork from around the house, then go through the paperwork. Anything that you can shred, shred it and toss it. Most of the things also can be viewed online, so you want to keep the paperwork that’s really important.
  • Place Things in Files – Files with some labeled dividers are an easy and cheap way that you can make things less chaotic. If you’re able to store them so that they can’t be seen inside a cabinet with doors, it’s a lot better.

Declutter Your Garden Before You Sell Your House

Many times, your garden will get forgotten. However, you want to make sure it’s decluttered too.

Tips for Decluttering Your Garden

  • Remove the Trash – Old toys, broken furniture, and other kinds of garden trash like dead branches and leaves should be cleaned up. Otherwise, it’s going to look messy and in disrepair.
  • Hide Your Trash Can – Along with decluttering your garden, you want to make sure that you are hiding your trash cans. This is going to make your curb appeal better as well.
  • Clear Out Your Shed – If there’s a shed in the garden, you want to make sure that you are cleaning it out too. This way buyers are going to be able to see how much room is in it and imagine themselves using it. If the shed’s full of stuff, it’s not going to look very valuable to possible buyers.

Declutter Your Attic Before You Sell Your House

If you haven’t converted your attic, would-be extenders are going to love it. Here are some things that you should do.

Tips for Decluttering Your Attic

  • Clear Out Your Attic – If you’ve been living in your house for a while, chances are that the attic’s filled with items that you are no longer using or that won’t be taken when you are moving. when you do the decluttering now, it’s going to help the buyers see the potential it has. You should assume that they’ll want to see it. If not the first time they come it definitely will be requested when they come back.
  • Get Good Attic Storage – Anything that you are keeping, take this opportunity to sort it into storage boxes that are clear. This will help things be a lot easier when you’re moving. It also will help it look much more organized.

Declutter Your Garage Before You Sell Your House

People are going to want to look into your garage. If your garage is messy and full of unwanted items, it’s going to look much smaller.

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

  • Clear Out Your Garage – This is something you’ll need to do before you move out anyway. Therefore, it’s best to do it before you have open houses. If you can’t throw things out, having a yard/garage sale is a good idea.
  • Organize Your Garage with Some Good Storage – storage boxes made of plastic are very simple. However, there are options that are more creative, like hanging the tools on some pegboards or converging an old filing cabinet into a storage option.

We hope that you have found this decluttering blog to be helpful. We know that it can be very overwhelming, especially when you know that you have a lot of things on your mind because you are moving. But what if you don’t have the time to do all of this decluttering and you still have to sell your house? Well, there is another option.

You can sell your house to us for cash. You don’t have to worry about doing anything before we buy your house. We are happy to buy your house as is and the process is quick and easy. Simply contact us here to find out more and we’ll be glad to give you a fair cash quote.

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